Selected Articles


 "A Psychologist Explains How AI and Algorithms Are Changing Our Lives" / Wall Street Journal, 21.03.23


"In Praise of the Humble Rule of Thumb" / The New York Times, 24.10.22

 "One data point can beat big data" / Behavioral Scientist, 31.08.22

"Human decision making in the time of growing automation" / ai:sight, 25.08.22

"Taking Stock - A Look at the Worst Mistakes Germany Made in the Coronavirus Pandemic" / Spiegel International, 20.05.2022

"Warren Buffet just took another shot at Bitcoin. What does he know that you don't?" / Inc., 09.05.2022


"How the strange idea of ‘statistical significance’ was born" /Science News, 12.08.2021

"" / Scientific American, 30.04.2021


"Why coronavirus fears are disproportionate compared with other health risks" / DW, 07.02.2020


"German university finds severe misconduct by researcher who promoted questionable cancer blood test" / Science, 25.10.2019

"Social Credit Scores" / Dope Magazine, 15.06.2019

"In Search of the Story: A Conversation with Guest Editors for the Science of Stories Call for Papers" / PLoS Blogs, 25.04.2019

"Opinion: Do heuristics help us make good decisions in uncertain times?" / LiveMint Blog, 17.01.2019


"Scoring - Increased risk" / BR, 28.11.2018

"How well do you think about risk and uncertainty?" / BBC future, 20.08.2018

"Ignorance is not bliss: why we need more empowered patients" / The Pharmaceutical Journal, 14.06.2018

"Germany, China, U.S. introduce behavior ratings: Algorithms decide which individuals deserve benefits" / World Tribune, 04.03.2018

"Germany edges toward Chinese-style rating of citizens" / Handelsblatt today, 17.02.2018



"Improving risk literacy: Developing risk literacy could greatly benefit healthcare" /, 27.09.2017

"Patients are not plane crash victims and hospitals are not plummeting jetliners" / Health News Review, 01.05.2017

"Guys: You Don't Want That PSA Test For Prostate Cancer" / Forbes, 03.04.2017

"Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?" / Scientific American, 25.02.2017

"Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence" / Forbes, 21.2.1027

"Gigerenzer’s simple rules: Why simple rules of thumb often outperform complex models" / Founding Fuel, 19.02.2017

"Reporting the findings: Absolute vs relative risk" / Health News Review, 11.01.2017



"A new Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication to tackle the ‘post-truth’ society" / Alliance for Useful Evidence, 01.12.2016

"New Cambridge centre sets out to prove we are not in a “post-truth” society" / Universty of Cambridge Press Release, 01.11.2016

"How to better communicate election forecasts — in one simple chart" / Washington Post, 29.11.2016

"Why mammograms haven’t cut cancer deaths, explained in 500 words" / Vox, 13.10.2016

"Ben Stiller’s misguided prostate cancer recommendations aren’t based on evidence" / Health News Review, 05.10.2016

"When the overdiagnosis is politicized" / Advances in Clinical Management, 26.09.2016

"Risk vs. uncertainty: meditations on Rumsfeld, heuristics and a 5-year rule" / The Houston Chronicle, 08.08.2016

"The Wisdom of Smaller Crowds" /, 05.07.2016

"There's more to fear than fear itself with terrorists abroad" / The Dallas Morning News, 29.06.2016

"We Fear the Wrong Things" / Huffington Post, 13.01.2016



"I took the plunge and chose the risky option" / Interview with Gerd Gigerenzer / The Psychologist, December 2015, Vol.28

"Enough of modern health scares – we should be trusting our instincts". A comment by Yvonne Roberts / The Guardian, 15.11.2015

"Deadly medicine: doctors who don’t know when to stop" /, 15.05.2015

"From “Economic Man” to Behavioral Economics" / Harvard Business Review, 14.04.2015

"Bogus statistical medicine" / The Hill, 02.04.2015

"The blind breast cancer detectors" / BBC News Magazine, 23.02.2015



"Don't trust me, I'm a doctor" / Magazine of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), Winter 2014 

"Do doctors understand test results?" / BBC News Magazine, 06.07.2014

"Using Simple Rules Of Thumb Could Make You A Better Investor" / Business Insider, 02.07.2014

"Heuristics rules: OK?" / Financial Times Adviser, 12.06.2014

"Q&A Gerd Gigerenzer: Risky business" / The Economist - Prospero Blog, 28.05.2014

"Advice on stock market crashes, plane disasters and bad weather. Can you risk not reading this piece?" / The Guardian, 04.05.2014

"Book of the week -  Risk Savvy: How To Make Good Decisions" / Times Higher Education, 01.05.2014

"This One Graphic Will Change the Way You Look at Breast Cancer Screening" / Time, 01.05.2014



"Research Heroes: Gerd Gigerenzer" / :InDecision: Blog, 13.05.2013



"Banks err by confusing risk, uncertainty" / ScienceNews, 17.11.2012

"Professionals Today Have A Dangerously Poor Understanding Of Statistics" / Business Insider, 06.06.2012

"Uproar Over Prostate-Cancer Screenings Explained" / ScienceDaily, 22.5.2012

"Psychological Science Explains Uproar over Prostate-Cancer Screening" / Psychological Science, 22.5.2012

"Most U.S. doctors baffled by cancer screening stats" / Reuters, 5.3.2012

"Gerd Gigerenzer & Henry Brighton on Heuristics in Human Decision Making" / Science Watch, Jan. 2012



"Communicator Award 2011 Goes to Gerd Gigerenzer" / Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 28.04.2011



"Chances Are" / New York Times, 25.04.2010

"Risk comm guru Gigerenzer argues that absolute risk communication is a moral issue" / Gary Schwitzer's HealthNewsReview Blog, 21.12.2010



"Decision-making: Risk school" /, 28.10.2009